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You really like me!!

By Mack | May 31, 2007

Sometimes when our boys got older, (even now) , I long to really ‘feel’ that they like me. As teenagers, they are not likely to say such things. In fact the older they get, the less often it is heard. I sometimes want to feel like Sally Field when she got her second Oscar Award. She stepped up to the microphone and blurted out, “You like me. You really like me!”
Oh how us dads, want to hear that without asking for it. But we have to be on guard not to need it so bad, that we are willing to do “ANYTHING” for it. It is so tempting to just give in to those sons many requests , just to try to make them “like me”. This is not your goal. You must do what is right for them. Often this will be the very thing that will prevent those words from being said, at least temporarily. How often our Father in heaven has to endure that same feelings. How often He disciplines us and he knows that it will hurt. We don’t usually run to Him, telling Him how much we love him during those times. But also , how often have we seen His work in our lives and realized He did “those things” because He loves us. Our Father knows best.

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