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You are a Child of the King, Now Act Like It!

By Mack | September 18, 2007

Remember who you are, and Who you belong to. Those words ring in my mind. Maybe because so many times in my life , I have not acted like that was true. The video above is Dave Robinson, who was my son’s youth leader and this was at a high school graduation lunch. The key little phrase he says is, “now act like it”. You could miss that if you weren’t really paying attention. But to me, that phrase is so powerful. If you are a child of God, you are eternal.. Now act like it!. You are a royal priesthood, now act like it! You are more that a conqueror, now act like it!….Don’t let the cares of this temporary world get a hold on you. You are an eternal being. You will live out eternity somewhere. If that somewhere is heaven for you, act like it!

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