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Truth Telling – Bad Times are Coming….

By Mack | October 16, 2007

Wow!. Not what you wanted to hear , huh? Well, I have to be blunt today. Bad times are coming. Death, disappointment, sickness, stress. These things are coming. If you are enjoying a calm time in your life right now, thank God for it. But all us have the bad times to deal with.
Are you preparing? Sure God will comfort you, but how well do you know Him? Can you imagine reaching out to a stranger for help during the bad times?
I always say this, ( and I always need to hear it myself) but seek God while your life is calm. Get to know the man called Jesus. He is alive and well. He can be found. He can be real in your life. He gave his word the Bible for us to read and “get to know Him”. Make Him a priority now, while you are resting on a calm sea.
When the storms come, it is much harder to trust someone you barely know. Don’t let Him be a stranger to you.

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