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Trust is Like a Tree

By Mack | March 29, 2008

I just got an estimate to get a huge tree cut down in our backyard. I have wanted it gone from the day we moved in but until now , the family wasn’t convinced it should go.  It is a huge Tulip Poplar tree. It has huge leaves and becomes a giant umbrella over our deck when the leaves are out. image

Now I am feeling a little bad about cutting it down.  I have no idea how long it took to grow that big.  Maybe 50 years?  The guy who is cutting it down will take about 2 hours or less.

Trust is like that.  Trust takes so long to build and grow.  It’s like a tree growing. Just a little each day, hardly perceptible. 50 years and this tree can be gone in 2 hours.

50 years of trust can be killed in less than that. Don’t do it.  If someone trusts you, in a marriage, in a business relationship, or just a friend. Don’t ruin it.  Don’t kill it. Integrity demands that trust be upheld.

Once the tree is gone, we won’t be able to put it back. We could plant a new tree and grow it and someday, it might be as big.

It would take a long time.

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  1. Chelle - 04/10/2008 at 11:30 am

    So very true! It takes a long time to grow a tree just like it takes a long time to regain trust with someone!

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