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Spiritual Pride

By Mack | October 21, 2008

“It might be a shock to some of us if we could know why we are disliked and why our testimony is rejected so violently. Could it be that we are guilty of a deep sinfulness of disposition that we just cannot keep hidden? Arrogance, lack of charity, contempt, self-righteousness, religious snobbery, fault-finding–and all this kept under careful restraint and disguised by a pious smile and synthetic good humor.

This sort of thing is felt rather than understood by those who touch us in everyday life. They do not know why they cannot stand us, but we are sure that the reason is our exalted state of spirituality! Perilous comfort. Deep heart searching and prolonged repentance would be better.

Yet let us not assume that if we are persecuted it is because of our faults. The opposite may be the fact. They may hate us because they first hated Christ, and if that is so, then blessed are we indeed. The point is, let us take nothing for granted. We may be better than we think we are, but the likelihood is not overwhelming. Humility is best.”

The above is a devotional from “Collective Writings from the Books of A.W. Tozer”..

This is really rich and deep.  I hope I have not been guilty of this type of repulsive pride, but I fear I may have.  We have to constantly check our motives for how and why we say the things we do to those around us.  I am afraid we often get prideful and judgemental, then we wonder why Christ is rejected.  How would Jesus say this or that?  That should be our heart check, before we speak.

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