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See it and Seize It!

By Mack | September 26, 2007

How many times have we passed a person with car trouble and thought, “I should stop and help”. Hopefully we haven’t gotten too numb to at least “think” this. But most times we just keep going justifying our actions by saying, ‘well they have a cell phone, probably already called for help”, and ” I’ll be late if I stop”, and so on. A while back, (last winter), I finally stopped making excuses. I saw a man walking a few hundred yards ahead of an old pickup truck along side the road. He was carrying a can ( obviously for gas). I went by, and thought ‘it’s 8 degrees outside, I hope he stays warm’. I then realized there was no gas station for miles. I turned around. I picked him up and took him to get gas, brought him back and waited till he was on his way. His name was Greg and he was a crane operator.
We have to fight the urge to be closed and stop thinking that ‘someone else’ will be the hands of Jesus.
I only tell this story from shame. I have passed by 95% of the chances I have had to help someone. We have to stop hoping they’ll be warm, and start giving them our coat.
Seeing the opportunity is only halfway there. Seize it!

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