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Mother Teresa

By Mack | August 31, 2007

Do I see the world differently than most? I guess so. I don’t love talking about people who have doubted their faith. I guess it hits too close to home. I don’t doubt my faith, but I question many things that God does. 

It seems people are rushing to say that Mother Teresa was a hypocrite, while everyone else is rushing to defend her. I can’t do either. Only God knows the true condition of her heart when she died.

I do not agree that we should so adamantly propose that she was a true Christian, by the standard God set.

I believe there is quiet a lot of data that shows that she was a great woman, full of compassion, but may not have been redeemed, only God knows.
She often prayed the Rosary and encouraged others to do so. That is largely praying to Mary.
She often spoke of praying to Mary such as

“So let us ask the help of our Lady! She is a Mother full of grace, full of God, full of Jesus. Let us ask her to be our Mother, guiding us and protecting us. … It is true that we are already being helped by our tremendous devotion to Mary. She is our patroness and our Mother, and she is always leading us to Jesus. She has shown us so many beautiful ways of bringing Jesus into the hearts even of Hindus and Moslems and Buddhists by bringing her presence and her love into their lives” (Mother Teresa, Be Holy, p. 75).

So what can we say about her? She was human. She had doubts. She was a sinner. Like me.
Was she a sinner saved by Grace, like me? I don’t know.

She was a great humanitarian, deserving of great thanks for all she did. She helped so many people and gave so much of her life to the poor. We could all learn a lot from that.

You can research her life on the web, and certainly there are many lies told about her on the web as well. But the evidence to her true beliefs seems there to me.

One such place is

The question still remains for you and me. What will we do with Jesus?

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