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It’s Hard to Hear when you don’t listen

By Mack | August 14, 2007

I am at Emerald Isle, North Carolina this week and it is beautiful here. I love the ocean, but I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe it’s just the vast, flat, view. Maybe the sound, ( I can’t hear the sound as good, since my left ear is not working).. Which reminds of what I am seeking. What is God trying to teach me through this ear problem? I think it is something, I just don’t know what. Maybe I need to learn to listen more than I talk. I’m sure that would be something I could work on. Not that I talk a lot, but that doesn’t mean I listen either. Listening is more than hearing. Listening requires us to turn off all those thoughts that come in to our brains the minute someone else is talking to us. We have to cut off the music we constantly hear in our heads , so we can hear someone else. You know what I mean, as soon as a conversation starts, we typically start to think “now how can I say something clever too?” It happens without our control. We have to learn to turn that off, and really listen to the other person. I could learn that. Maybe.

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