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God is Love – and So Much More

By Mack | September 14, 2008

If you have read anything here, you may feel that I am a little “too serious”. I know that I don’t write many posts about the love of God.  Oh, I know God is love. I feel His grace in my life everyday. I think those of us who have been ‘saved’ from something, feel it more than maybe those who have ‘always led a life full of God’s presence’. That was just not the way I found God.
So, not to be gloom and doom, but I like to try to balance the scales about what God is and what He is not.

At least in my world, there is a lot of talk of the love of God. So much so that I wonder sometimes if we are missing some of very important attributes of God.  An example came to me the other day.  Since there is nothing ‘new under the sun’, I would say that I must have heard this somewhere, but it seemed like a new thought to me. God is love, true. But God is not only love. This is a point that seems to get missed in some Pollyanna circles of this life. The illustration that came to my mind was as follows.

We could say blood is red. We can’t turn it around and say red is blood. When something equals something else, we can turn the equation around and it will still be true. I have heard speakers try to convince people that Love is God, just as God is Love. I say no. Just as red is an attribute of blood, it is not ‘equal’ to blood. Love is an attribute of God, but it is not God. God has so many more attributes. Say , for example, God is Just. I doubt anyone would argue that is not true, but Justice is not God.
God is Holy. God is Perfect. God is Righteous.
But God so loved the world ( you and I) that He demonstrated His love for us in this, that God sacrificed His own Son, so that we might become His children.
God is love. And God is so much more.
I am afraid the whole “God is Love, so Love is God” thing can mask the true question that must be answered by everyone. Who is God to me and why would He want a person like me to live with Him eternally. Or put another way, if I die today, what then?

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