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Do you Sing?

By Mack | October 1, 2007

I have a hard time understanding why some people don’t sing in church. I can’t stop myself, yet others seem to just stand with arms crossed, bored, and seem to be barely able to withstand the “singing’ portion of worship.

For me, it’s hearing the truth of God in song and having a chance to declare it out loud. I have to. The Spirit seems to demand it. Maybe that I feel God has saved me from so much, I owe it to Him to praise Him. I have to sing.
Sure, maybe some people around me would rather I didn’t. But really, a person doesn’t have to sing loud, but how can we stand and not even mouth the words?
I don’t understand it. Is it that their hearts are still hard toward God? Or is it simply that we are all ‘wired’ a little differently.. Maybe some of each..

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