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By Mack | July 16, 2010

No Matter What – Kerrie Roberts

I love to put up the lyrics to songs that I come across and really enjoy.  Today you have a real treat. No Matter What, by Kerrie Roberts is an awesome song.  It really gets to the heart of faith and the love of God.  She just gets it right in this song No Matter […]

By Mack | October 16, 2009

New Sites to Make More Money

I am currently taking a course on internet marketing and it is some real interesting stuff! You can really make some money in this. I have been dabbling for a while now, so I am hoping to get serious  and build about 10-20 new websites that are solely built as marketing sites monetized with Adsense. […]

By Mack | August 30, 2007

Anniversary Time

Yep. 21 years! I can honestly say it is good. It is hard. It takes a strong commitment. And it takes a vow. We have grown together. Intertwined like an old vine and a tree. God has had mercy on us. My advice to others? Focus on God and doing what He wants. Ask God […]